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Super-Simple Coconut Wedding Cake

Though I absolutely adore an elaborately decorated fondant-covered creation, there is something lovely about a simple buttercream cake.  Typically, the more complex a cake is decorated, the less fresh the cake inside will be.  As a big fan of moist and fruit-filled cakes, a buttercream cake can be baked less than 24 hours before serving at your big event to ensure maximum freshness.  Your guests will thank you when it’s time for dessert.

This coconut-covered version was the quickest tiered cake I’ve ever made.  A quick crumb coat and second layer of Swiss Buttercream over toasted coconut cake filled with Dolce de Leche started out each cake before chilling for about 20 minutes to set the icing.  Each layer was assembled on cardboard rounds and bubble tea straws cut to height used to support the tiers.  Once stacked, I gently pressed sweet, flaked coconut on top and onto the sides which made this cake simply textured and fluffy.

Add a topper or a few fresh flowers and you are ready to get hitched!

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